Services for Citizens

All about registration, healthcare and other practical issues when coming to Denmark.

International Citizen Service (ICS)

International Citizen Service can help with the paperwork, Personal Guidance and Useful information.


LifeinDenmark is all you need to know about paperwork, registration, healthcare and other practical issues when coming to Denmark.


InterNations. Copenhagen Expat Community helps fellow expats feel welcome abroad, meet other people and learn about their new environment.

International House Copenhagen

International House Copenhagen is ready to help you settle in in Greater CoPENHAGEN. Get assistance with your paperwork, job searching, networking and much more.

Væksthus Copenhagen

Væksthus Copenhagen offers guidance to start ups and businesses with ambitions towards growth and reaching new heights of success. Væksthus Copenhagen cooperates with a network of banks, financial institutions, investors, accountants and law firms, The Trade Council of Denmark and a number of other providers, as a way of enabling the businesses to choose the possibilities that optimize their further development.

Visit Copenhagen

Visit Copenhagen is the official tourist site. The place to go for those people that wants the most out of their trip to Copenhagen.

Hillerød Kommune

Trollesmindealle 27
3400 Hillerød
Telefon 7232 0000
Fax 7232 3213
Skriv til Hillerød Kommune
CVR nr. 2918 9366

EAN numre



Mandag - onsdag kl. 10 - 15
Torsdag kl. 12 - 18
Fredag kl. 10 - 13



Mandag - onsdag kl. 10 - 14
Torsdag kl. 12 - 17
Fredag kl. 10 - 12


Nyhedsbrev om Favrholm

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Jeg giver tilladelse til, at borgerrådgiveren kan indhente, videregive og behandle relevante personfølsomme oplysninger elektronisk. Samtykket kan til enhver tid tilbagekaldes. Læs mere om rettigheder efter persondataloven her