Services for Companies

Hillerød Municipality offers an efficient service to business or companies who need to have an official permit or advice on e.g. local building projects.

Business Hillerød

Hilleroed municipality has a permanent service facility to assist businesses with planning and building permits, environmental issues and other technical details. Below are a few of the services we offer. Please also note that the municipality maintains a continuous dialogue with regional and governmental administrations and we often help local businesses establish contact with these. Please contact our Business administration regarding:

  • Waste disposal
  • Building permits
  • Employment market
  • Electricity, water and heating
  • Setting up a business
  • Expanding or retaining your business

For more information please read the English version of the leaflet Business Hillerød

Presentation of Hillerød Municipality - Hillerød Open for Business

The City Council of Hillerød have decided on a master plan for the development of the Favrholm district.

In addition to train stations, and a hospital, their will provided for offices, service companies and residential buildings, as a way to strengthen the business profile of Hillerød

Please follow the link to Invest Copenhagen for more information.

 Life Science in Medicon Valley

The Øresund Region is home to one of the most important life science clusters in Europe - Medicon Valley.

This is the place to be, if you want to expand and identify your businesses within various fields, and is a way to share knowledge and solutions.

Read more by following this link.

Danish Business Authority (Erhvervsstyrelsen)

Starting a Business in Denmark? Want to work her? Visit here for more information, and learn more about what you need to know.

Danish Business Authority

 Tax, Customs and Duties in Denmark

Tax, Customs and Duties in Denmark (SKAT).

 Register of Foreign Service Providers

Register of Foreign Service Providers (RUT) - The Register of Foreign Service Providers (RUT) is the Danish government's official register to report a foreign service. Foreign service providers (employees and self-employed) working in Denmark must register in RUT.


Copenhagen Capacity is the official organization for investment promotion, business development and cluster growth in The Capital Region of Denmark – Greater CoPENHAGEN.

Greater CoPENHAGEN Investments is the new, official guide to investment opportunities in public construction, infrastructure and urban development projects in Greater Copenhagen.

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